Numi Consulting specializes in sourcing and procuring various steel products for customers.

Numi Consulting believes in being progressive and has placed a large focus on utilizing technology and innovation in both manufacturing and processes to ensure that customers receive the best quality stock.


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Oscar Naidoo having worked at various steel industry leaders in the Africa Market over the last 27 years identified a need for a company that could not only manage steel supply chain but project manage clients expectations and vision through his level of industry expertise and his network of teams he has worked with over this time frame.


To continuously improve our knowledge and of those around us by engaging in TEAM EFFORT always

We identify Global trends,new product technology and travel globally to these destinations to not only improve us as company but to offer our clients a world first service.


Our expertise in the various listed industrys makes us a natural choice from development to strategy to market for any client. Our continuous development in our selves to bring the best to our client makes us your first choice. Adaptation to our clients vision coupled with our expertise makes us a perfect partner.

Numiconsulting specialises in steel projects involving production lines ,automotive and and project management of the supply chain to these industrys.

Numiconsulting has been involved over the years with various water sanitations projects from a  steel supply point to project management of water to communities

With the world rapidly moving to a supply of cleaner renewable energy that is backed up by a sustainable power source